Worcester Street
New Zealand

The hotel Off The Square has been closed since February 2011, due to the severity of the earthquakes experienced in Christchurch.

Update as of June 2013

There has not been a lot of progress with getting business up and running in the vicinity of the original hotel. There are still cordoned off areas.

The Hotel Off The Square will not be re opening on the original site. The legal ‘Off The Square’ hotel company is NOT advertising for staff.

Apologies to the many supportive clients who welcomed the boutique and unique atmosphere of the service we provided.

You will have to wait for further news of new development of the Off The Square brand. Thank you for your support and the super mail we have received from so many of you.

We canĀ  recommend other accommodation in Christchurch that may work for you. Enquiries to;

tim@offthesquare.com (this is the only contact for the hotel at present).

The city is re structuring itself. There are no noticeable earthquakes. Large areas of the central city are demolished, but there are things to do in the greater Christchurch area and a visit is OK. Interesting.

Following the earthquakes of 2011.
Apologies to all affected. This is a disaster zone and there is no quick fix.

The original hotel is in the cordoned off zone and has to be extensively re built.

Dust and rubble Cathedral in ruins Damage down columbo street